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Who We Are

A wholesome, humble bamboo resort with an enchanting spring water emerald lake, our philosophy is simply “Grow with our Guests”.

We believe in keeping it real. We count our blessings to call this 45 acre piece of paradise home. Together with the Orang Asli Temuan of Kampung Bukit Tadom, we take great pride in sharing our slice of heaven with the world. Our fingers are always on the pulse, and our ears to the ground, listening to what our guests would like to see… because we believe in evolving with your needs, to give you the best experience we have to offer.

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Happy Guests

Our Mission Statement


We are responsible corporate citizens with a commitment to support and give back to the local Orang Asli Temuan community of Kampung Bukit Tadom.


We strive for excellence is everything we do. From the craft of bamboo building to the finer touches, our goal is to offer our guests nothing but our best.


We remain a humble resort offering an escape from modern life where even shoes are optional! We truly believe that there is magic to be found in the simple things in life.
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What Customers Say