At Tadom Hill Resorts, we offer an array of accommodation – namely the Hakka Village, Gendui Chalets, Astana Ninik Chalets, Bamboo Hut, Hammock Spheres, Bamboo Tents and Eco Tents, specially catering for various group sizes ranging from individuals and couples to families and large groups. Enjoy a refreshingly good night’s rest with bed frames and walls specially crafted with bamboo, whilst immersed in the naturally cool and fresh surroundings and tranquillity of mother nature.

Each Bamboo structure here is a masterpiece on its own – unique, fascinating and unlike any other.

Complementing the exclusive staying experience that we offer, Tadom is a place built for all to enjoy – whether you are a hustler escaping from the bustling city, a globetrotter looking for a new adventure, or a group planning for an exciting weekend. Our resort boasts a range of activities and facilities such as ATV tours, BBQ pits and Bamboo Raft building. Unleash the adventurer and daredevil in you with our Flying Fox and Tarzan Swing, or leap off our infamous Bamboo Platform into the limestone lake to enjoy a splashing good time.

It doesn’t matter who you are with, why you are here or what you are here for – be it a weekend getaway, long vacation, family or team building retreat… there is never a dull moment here at Tadom Hill Resorts.

What makes us really special is the amalgamation of the indigenous Orang Asli and bamboo culture that we have here at Tadom, thanks to our unique location in the midst of the Temuan community. We believe in living, co-existing and operating harmoniously with our environment and the people around us. Therefore, we are not just any resort – we are a Community.

We pride ourselves in being an environmentally friendly and sustainable resort – most evidently through our utilisation of bamboo throughout its entire life cycle, while our pristine location allows you to admire and be in close proximity with the wonders of Mother Nature.

We employ and work with members of the Orang Asli community, and empower them to enhance their work skills, work ethics, livelihoods and quality of life – thus providing a platform for them to connect with the society at large.

Being able to provide an exclusive Tadom experience, while making positive social and environment impact is what drives us to do what we do.