Tadom Hill Resorts has an array of accommodations that puts you right in the center of the village’s natural beauty. What sets us apart? Each and every private chalet and Glamping choices echoes our passion for bamboo architecture. From the exterior to the finer touches in your chosen accomodation, our goal is to offer our guests nothing but our best.


The Chalet Collection


Walk into the Premium Gendui Chalet – Tadom’s signature - greeted by the uniquely crafted bamboo furnishing. From the exterior, tiles, to our king-sized bed, the Premium Gendui Chalets are designed to convey our passion for bamboo buildings. That, coupled with our commitment to cater for optimal comfort is sure to make your journey to Tadom a classic experience. We are proud to share with you Tadom’s exclusive bamboo architecture that blends seamlessly into the beautiful natural surroundings.

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The Semantan Chalet was inspired by the overwhelming responses for the Gendui Chalet. This chalet inherits our passion for bamboo architecture and is beautifully equipped with Tadom’s unique bamboo furnishing. Looking for comfort to complement your getaway at Tadom Hill Resorts? The Semantan Chalet is air-conditioned to pat you to a comfortable night sleep. Besides, after a day of fun in the tropical weather, go and get a well-deserved cosy hot shower in our ensuite bathroom.

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A smaller version of Gendui Chalet. Was formerly known as "Astana Ninik" and furnished with 2 comfortable mattress. Each mini chalet can accommodate up to 3 pax with additional charges for the 3rd person upon request.

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Glamping - Experiential Travel


Craving for the opportunity to wake up to nature but compromising comfort is not what you have in mind? Here at Tadom Hill Resorts, we have got you covered, and we are certainly proud to be part of this exponentially growing trend of experiential travel – the Glamping experience. We are a fan of cultural immersion with a touch of luxury. Our comfy mattresses and pillow are sure to pat you to a comfortable night sleep. Have a worry-free transformational style of travel with resort-like services here at Tadom Hill Resort.

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Love to go outdoors but not the mess that comes with it? Jump on the Glamping trend with Tadom’s Hammock Spheres. When was the last time you rested on a hammock? Our solo travelers love this. For many, it brings back sweet memories that are worth reminiscing and we hope that you will feel the same too. In Tadom Hill Resorts, we do not compromise on comfort and rest assured, you will have access to all our resort-like amenities and services. You could choose to come alone and share this experience with like-minded people or take them private for your group of buddies.

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Perfect Choices for Group and Family


Our Hakka Village was inspired by the Hakka’s unique architectural building originated from the south western Fujian province of China, commonly known as tulou. The typical tulou has a circular configuration and were designed as a large fortress and apartment building in one. Tadom’s Hakka Village is the one and only Hakka village in Malaysia that is made entirely out of bamboo. It is a 2-storey dome with 12 rooms on each level designed to cater to groups and families (4-6 pax per room).

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If you are coming with your buddies to Tadom and prefer to have a private and cosy space for an intimate getaway, the Bamboo Hut will be the perfect choice for you. The Bamboo Hut is a spacious bamboo-inspired dormitory that can house groups and families of 6-7 pax. Equipped with cosy mattresses and an ensuite bathroom, you and your group/family are all set for a refreshingly good night’s rest.

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