Room Description

The Semantan Chalet was inspired by our overwhelming response for the Gendui Chalet. Each of our eight Semantan Chalets are designed to provide a wholesome experience of living in a bamboo house. As you approach the chalet, you will see Tadom’s exclusive bamboo architecture that blends seamlessly into the beautiful natural surroundings. Once you enter the chalet, you are greeted by our comfortable bamboo-framed king-sized bed and a single bed with tiles that blends with the bamboo walls. The Semantan Chalet is fully equipped with air conditioning and has an ensuite spacious bathroom with water heaters. Every single detail showcases our commitment to cater for optimal comfort and is sure to make your journey to Tadom a classic experience. If you are coming as a couple with a little one, the Semantan Chalet can accommodate up to three for a more intimate getaway experience.