Room Description

Our Hakka Village was inspired by the Hakka’s unique architectural building originated from the south western Fujian province of China, commonly known as tulou. The typical tulou has a circular configuration and were designed as a large fortress and apartment building in one. Tadom’s Hakka Village is the one and only Hakka village in Malaysia that is made entirely out of bamboo. It is a 2-storey dome with 12 rooms on each level designed to cater to groups and families (4-6 pax per room). The Hakka Village Lux is air-conditioned for extra comfort while Hakka Village Eco is equipped with a ceiling fan and cater for those who wants to experience nature in its purest form. Walk into Hakka Village and be welcomed by the finest details in our bamboo architecture. From the exterior to the bamboo furnishing in your room of choice, we challenged ourselves to up the game given our passion for bamboo architecture. If you are coming as a group of family, we welcome you to give our Hakka Village Eco and Hakka Village Lux a go.